Summer Holiday Burglary Advice From Surrey Police

With the summer holidays off to a scorching start, many of us will be packing up and heading off to even sunnier climes (if that's even possible right now!)

Before you go, have a think about what you're leaving behind and make sure your house is secure. Follow our advice and tips below: 

* Have you asked a trusted neighbour to keep an eye on your property, or maybe asked them to park on your driveway to help it appear that the house occupied?

* Although it stays light until almost 10pm, set a light on a timer to make the house look like there is someone in.

* Cut bushes and hedges outside your home before you leave - tall shrubs & hedges can conceal entrances, making it easier for burgers and unwanted visitors to hide and avoid being seen.

* While tempting, please try to avoid checking in at the airport on social media, and perhaps leave the pool pics until you're back home. Check your privacy settings on social media sites too.

* If you're friendly with your neighbours, why not pop rounds and offer to keep and eye on their home and see if they'll return the favour; after all, #CommunityMatters!

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