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As you may know, we suffered an increase in regional burglary last year. In Elmbridge, we enhanced local resource to address the issue, and there have been several arrests, charges and terms of imprisonment which has pleasingly resulted in a large reduction in burglary on the borough. We have recently secured some healthy funding for preventative measures to best place us for ongoing stability, and this has enabled us to secure a decent number of Selecta DNA Forensic Marking Kits to disseminate across the borough, to local residents. Each kit has a unique identity, and any marked property recovered by Police can be easily traced back to the rightful, registered owner. Part of this roll-out will be intelligence-led, targeted visits to areas where we feel they would be best utilised. The kits include window stickers to highlight the fact that items within the property are forensically marked, and the kits are not only a great deterrent, but they also increase the chance of getting back what is rightly yours, if stolen. *****New location added – see below**** Buying one of these kits direct would cost you £59.50. If you are a resident of Elmbridge, we can offer you one for free, if you come and see us at Tesco, Hurst Road, West Molesey, on Thursday 20th September, between 1200pm and 2.00pm. All we will need from you is: • Proof that you are an Elmbridge resident – utility or council tax bill. • To remain while we explain how to use the kit and to register you (no point in having the kit otherwise). You can still also collect a kit from the Esher Civic Centre, Police Counter, High Street, Esher KT10 9SD The front counter is open Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm. So, come and register, get a kit and we can all work together to combat burglary in our communities.

Thank you.

Message Sent By Greg Turner (Surrey Police, Sgt, Elmbridge)

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