Slow Down To Save Lives 🚗💨

“Slow down to save lives” – Arrive alive not dead on time

Working with Sussex Police’s Roads Policing Unit (RPU), the aims of the campaign are:

  • To target irresponsible and dangerous drivers committing excess speed offences.

  • To inform drivers of the risks - both to themselves and to other road users associated with speeding

  • To encourage drivers to stick to speed limits and drive at speeds safe for the road environment.

A number of tactics are being put into action during the week, to work alongside the day to day activities that our roads policing unit (RPU) will be carrying out. 

The safety camera team will be using their combination of fixed and mobile cameras to enforce the law and provide support to the campaign. As well as speed, they are able to capture mobile phone and seat belt offences, both of which they are very successful in. They will be working with colleagues to ensure a robust stance is taken on tackling speeding offences in the county both this week, and subsequent weeks.

The week will also include a 24 hour “speed marathon”, starting at 6am on Wednesday 8 August, running to 6am on the 9 August, when specific speeding hot-spots in the county will be targeted.

Sergeant Adam Dedman of Surrey Roads Policing Unit comments: “Speeding still plays a significant part in road collisions which is why campaigns like this are so important and we are committed to supporting them.   " It is a fact that speeding reduces your chances of surviving any collision you may be in so we would urge all road users to check their speed and encourage others to do the same – you could save lives by doing so.”

Members of the public can keep up to date with activities by following @SurreyRoadCops. 

Message Sent By Queenie Goredema (Surrey Police Corp Comms, Comms Assistant, Headquarters)

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