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We have been made aware of a hand written letter the has been posted through resident's doors in Woodlands Grove, Weybridge this week.

It says that a resident has been burgled recently and that ‘Police say that the number of burglaries in the area are on the rise’ and then goes on to recommend a particular burglary consultancy firm to secure their home.

These letters have not been disseminated with our support and they should not be considered as genuine.

Please be careful when considering acting on any advice received through the door by an unknown party as this might not be genuine.

Our team have been out to speak to residents in the road to provide reassurance and advice.

If you have received such a letter or something similar please let us know.

Please follow our link for some simple crime prevention advice:

Have a great day.

Message Sent By Greg Turner (Surrey Police, Sgt, Elmbridge)

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