Oatlands Drive Re-Development

Dears ACRs,

Recently you will have received a flyer advising of the Redevelopment of 8 to 14 Oatlands Drive by the Ridge Partnership.

They held a consultation meeting on the 20th January 2020 to which all were invited. In total 3 households attended from Ashley Close.

Attached are photographs taken of the development details which show a 3 block complex build in a modern rectangular design which is totally out of keeping and unsympathetic to the immediate area. There will be 53 dwellings of 1 and 2 bedroom flats. There will be only 53 parking spots.

All ACR attendees agreed that the design of the building was totally inappropriate and that the lack of parking would have an significant overspill effect on Ashley Close.

Below is a copy of the holding letter I have sent to the Ridge Partners. The letter was designed to allow us more time to establish a collective view and furthermore allow us the time to submit a well-structured objection case to Elmbridge.

In parallel I am establishing links with the coordinators of Oatlands Drive, Tower Grove and New Zealand Avenue.

I plan to hold an ACR meeting shortly so we can fully discuss the matter.

Regards Jon

Dear Ridge Partners

Redevelopment of 8-14 Oatlands Drive, Walton-on-Thames

Firstly, thank you for your invite to attend your consultation event of the 20th January 2020 at 14 St Mary’s Road on the above subject matter.

Unfortunately due to the fact that this was a one-time event, only 4 from 30 Ashley Close households were able to attend. Also various questions were posed by the attending Ashley Close Residents that you were unable to answer. These included but were not limited to, impact on local services e.g. schools/surgeries, impact on traffic flow/pollution, impact on heavy water discharge due to an increase in hard standing area, protection of archeological interest, privacy and impact of light rights on adjacent neighbours,

On behalf of the Ashley Residents, it is important to advise you that there are major concerns over your proposed development of 8-14 Oatlands Drive. These include but are not limited to the, unsympathetic design of the proposed development particularly in mind of the listed building opposite, the lack of parking, the impact on local road safety, environmental concerns, and the further development of a congested area, given that other proximal developments are being considered re, Homebase, Aston Martin Garage etc.

The Ashley Close Residents plan to meet and have a full discussion of your plans in the near future and thereafter make a comprehensive submission of their concerns to the Elmbridge Authority,

Yours sincerely,

Jon Blakeley-Glover

Ashley Close Residents Chairman

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