Hunting Arrests


You may have seen some recent posts about an unpleasant group of individuals hunting wild animals across the borough, which has included the use of dogs and catapults to injure and kill our local wildlife.

While enquiries have been ongoing in relation to these matters, yesterday lunchtime, we received spontaneous information, reporting similar issues in the Walton area.

Numerous officers from our ‘D’ rota policing team were quickly on scene and a male was arrested on suspicion of wildlife offences, hunting with dogs, for possessing offensive weapons and for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

A number of items were seized that we believe link to the offences, which included a dog and a vehicle. Other individuals we suspect to also have involvement have been identified and will be dealt with as this progresses. We will keep you posted.

Enjoy the sun.

Message Sent By Greg Turner (Surrey Police, Sgt, Elmbridge)

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