Her Wild Behaviour Masked The Truth Behind Her Story

On the surface, Emily came across as a rebellious teenager. A promiscuous girl who dabbled with drugs and alcohol, living in a hostel as she'd been kicked out of the family home. Her wild behaviour masked the truth behind her story. Exploitation.

Watch Emily’s story here:-


Thank you to Emily who was brave enough to share her story with us in the hope that she will help other victim’s going through what she went through now.

Please watch, share and stay alert to the warning signs of Child exploitation:

* Going missing.

* Physical injuries.

* Misuse of drugs or alcohol.

* Involvement in offending.

* Deterioration in physical


* Emotional distance from family


* Receiving gifts from unknown


* Recruiting others into

exploitative situations.

* Poor mental healthSelf harming.

Message Sent By Kerry Bowles (Surrey Police, Lead Comms Officer, Corp Comms)

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