🎃 Halloween - Trick or Treaters 🎃

It's very nearly Halloween! If you haven’t got your posters sorted yet, fear not, there is still time to pop into a front counter to pick one up, or if you can’t get to a front counter, visit our website where you can download a poster for free.

If you are happy for trick or treaters to knock on your door on Halloween, pop a ‘Trick or Treaters Welcome’ poster in a prominent window at the front of your property to let people know you’re happy for them to knock on your door. If you don’t want people knocking on your door, download our ‘Trick or Treaters Not Welcome’ poster to display at the front of your property, to let people know that you do not want to take part.

If you are out trick or treating, be sure to have fun and keep safe. Stick to areas you know, that are well lit and have lots of houses. Take care when crossing the roads, and maybe consider only knocking on the doors of people you know.

Respect elderly and vulnerable members of the community, who may find it frightening having strangers knocking on their doors. Keep an eye out for any posters that let you know that they don’t want trick or treaters. Children should always be accompanied by an adult, and we remind everyone to be polite and respectful to members of their community when taking part in Halloween celebrations.

For residents, take care when opening the doors to strangers. If you have any concerns, we advise that you don’t open the door at all. If you are worried or you feel unsafe, consider keeping a contact number for a close relative or neighbour to hand in case you need to call them. If you have any persistent unwanted callers, report them to us (always 999 in an emergency).

For more information about how to stay safe and have fun this Halloween, as well as to download our posters, visit our website: https://www.surrey.police.uk/advice/protect-your-neighbourhood/halloween-advice/

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