Half Term

It’s finally half term – hurrah!

What’s the plans for the week ahead? Catching up with some sleep? Seeing some friends?

Our plea to you is to just make sure you are aware of what your kids are up to. Without wishing to scare you, it’s important that you are alert to crimes that can affect children so you can spot the signs and help keep them safe.

Drug dealers will often try and lure children (from all walks of life and from as young as ten) to ‘run’ drugs in return for money, alcohol or the promise of a glamorous lifestyle. It may start with them being offered a £30 shopping voucher for ‘no reason’, but soon they are made to feel indebted to the dealer with extreme threats of violence if they don’t do as they say. Once they’re hooked in, it can be hard to get out.

We need your help to break this cycle. It’s important to educate your child about the dangers of drugs, making sure they are aware of how a dealer might try to recruit them, and where they can go for support. The Fearless website has some useful info for parents and guardians regarding drugs as well as other issues that can affect children such as sexual exploitation, online grooming or gang crime.

#CommunityMatters #KeepKidsSafe

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