Do you recognise this ring?

We urgently need your help!

We need to find the owner of this diamond ring as quickly as possible.

After all, diamonds are a girl’s best friend and after finding this ring in the pocket of a 19-year-old man we arrested yesterday in relation to a theft, we suspect it might not be his…

Of course he could be about to propose, but we don’t think he’s the romantic type.

He’s in custody at the moment, and if we can find the rightful owner of this ring and you can prove it’s yours, that will make us very happy coppers indeed!

Of course if this was your ring and you’ve sold it on legitimately, we also need to hear from you.

Please help us by sharing this far and wide and if you recognise this ring, please call 101 as soon as you can quoting reference PR/45190039161.

Message Sent By Alex White (Corp Comms, Coordinator, Surrey Police)

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