A Smoking Stop


Officers on patrol in Walton yesterday morning, were alerted to a car by a member of the public, which they thought may be of interest to us. We got behind the car and the driver in front appeared to throw something out of the window. Having stopped the vehicle, it quickly became apparent that the 17 year old driver had in fact lobbed a rather aromatic cigarette out of the car, probably of the controlled drug variety. Having detained the male for a search he failed a roadside drug wipe procedure and to add to the predicament he found himself in, we also recovered a hammer, an axe and two flick-knives in the vehicle. That was the end of his planned journey, with instead, a trip to custody. The male has been interviewed and released under investigation, while we await the results from evidential blood tests that were conducted back at the station.

Have a great day.

Message Sent By Greg Turner (Surrey Police, Sgt, Elmbridge)

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