A warm welcome to the Ashley Close Residents website established in 2018. 

This website provides a common platform for news, activities and dialogue. There are 6 sections, namely News, Events, Neighbourhood Watch, Developments, Committee and Community Forum.

For example, you will find all the minutes of meetings, plans etc, in the Committee section, while matters that impact the street such as parking/road privatisation polls, lighting, road safety etc. are in the Developments section.

In the Neighbourhood Watch section, key messages are filed for future reference together with a useful contact list.

Once you have registered, you will be able to make posts to sell items, recommend tradesmen etc, and upload photographs.

So if you have anything related to Ashley Close that you would like the website to feature, perhaps some photos or old pictures, or would like to see some other types of information presented, or would like to contribute an article, have comments, corrections or updates, please talk with a Committee member.

This website will be as good/useful as we all make it.

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